From an accounting point of view, insurance is an element of capital cost quintessential to the salvage and perpetuation of material wealth and social stability in the ever changing environment of the often unpredictable "free" market place. Essentially therefore, insurance by preserving capital provides it with the necessary potential to consolidate and through the complex process of risk management, allows it to generate more wealth within a sheltered shielded and probably intelligently controlled selective sequence of financial, social and economic functions.

In collaboration with substantial Broking houses, the Insurance department is headed by a dynamic management, with more than 2 decades of experience in all aspects of marine insurance placements, P&I and claims handlings.

Clients can also take advantage of a great deal of experience in legal work. The company arranges cover against a wide range of risks, such as Hull and Machinery, War Risks, Protection Indemnity and Freight Demurrage and Defence etc.